Erectile Dysfunction in Men- Sleep Apnea - New Clues

Erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue with men causing huge effects such as stress and lack of self-confidence and contributes to relationship problems. The problem is associated with different lifestyle, health problem among others. It has been noted that men with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), depression symptoms plus the low quality of life boosted by sleep apnea are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) than those who have OSA alone.

The result of these cross-sectional analyses was published online on October 19 by Yung Jin Jeon, MD, Seoul National University Hospital in Korea, and his colleagues in the Journal of sexual medicine.

ED can be caused y a range of factors both physical and psychological. The physical causes like narrowing of blood vessels going to the penis as a result of hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. If you have hormonal problems, prior effect of surgery or injury is known to cause erectile dysfunction.

The study focused on psychological causes such as depression, but could be due to anxiety and relationship problems. The researcher used nocturnal polysomnography as the objective sleep control measure. The cohort used had a mean age of men of 44.8+/- 12.4 years. This shows that the ED group as older than the no-ED group (P<.0001).

The result showed that the frequency of ED did not correlate with OSA severity. Although, the results on the Beck Depression record plus the Epsworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) were inversely linked with the Korean International Index of Erectile Function KIIEF-5) (P< .0001 for each). The core of the Calgary Sleep Apnea Quality of Life was related with KIIEF-5 (P<.0001). It was also noted that the respiratory disturbance index with the lowest oxygen saturation did not correlate with KIIEF-5.

The univariate analysis discovered that extreme daytime sleepiness, depression symptoms and little Calgary sleep apnea quality of life score were fully associated with ED. The research was done using multivariate logistic regression analyses with an adjusted for potential perplexing factors that are age, hypertension, body mass index and diabetes mellitus. It was found that ED as wholly independently linked with the Calgary sleep apnea quality of life score and depressive symptoms. Note that it did not associate with respiratory disruption index or the lowest oxygen saturation.

For a fact, OSA is known to cause ED, and with the several studies assessed the effects of OSA management on the development of ED. However, the current study differs from the previous data; that shows sleep apnea independently correlated with ED. The researchers suggested that the difference steam from the large size of their study (n = 713), which was driven to detect the risk factors of depression and quality of life. To concluded that a psychological approach and psychological management can cure men with OSA and ED.